When our team started the Repair Factory we already knew we loved to help people fix things. And while we’ve fixed over 10,000 devices we aren’t nearly done yet. We aim to fix even more. 

Our Teams Commitment to You 

Many of our repairs are flat rated and backed by a 30-Day guarantee on parts and labour. If for some reason your device is beyond repair we have a low no-fix fee to lessen the weight of the sad news. We believe that a fair price is the price you agree to, any work can be estimated, and all prices are agreed to up front before work proceeds. 

Our Community

Training, Equipment, Innovation, Mentorship. Every great company turns opportunity into value, and The Repair Factory hopes to do the same. We are growing by investing in our people, in the equipment at their disposal and in their training. Every new problem is an opportunity to grow and learn.

We’re giving back to this town. We’re helping solve problems through our community activism at the Nelson Innovation Space


Jim Stass

Hardware Tech 

Jim Stass leads the hardware and small electronics repair queue. From screen replacement to small logic board micro component replacement, Jim brings new life to your broken tech.

  • iFixit Master Certification
  • Water Damage Restoration and Mitigation 
  •  Small Board Electronics

After hours Jim dedicates his time to Cubs, Tutoring kids @ Nelson Tech Club, and Band.


Eric Friesen

Mac Tech

Eric is a trained fireman with the longest most inappropriately large beard you’ve ever seen on a fireman. He has a talent for structured cabling and Mac hardware support. If your laptop is bailing or your cabling failing, Eric would be happy to help. 

  • Certifications from BCIT in cabling and IT.
  • Fire Fighter I & II
  • In his spare time, he builds MagSafe testing boards for validating the quality of incoming shipments.

Mandeep Simak

Clerk, Device Tech

Mandeep told me once in an interview that she’s here to show what girls can do. She is ingrained in all aspects of the operation from clerical books, front admin, to coding backend services.

She is working toward her business administration degree at Selkirk. Mandeep helps us between classes and repairs iPhones and iPads on the weekends.

  • iFixit Master Certification
  • Engineering for Girls Workshop
  • Quantum Leaps

In her spare time, Mandeep has helped with the Engineering for Girls Workshop program and Quantum Leaps

Team Member Josh Jarman

Joshua Jarman

Head of Development / Green-Light.ca

Josh comes with decades of experience in design, web design, web development, PHP, javascript, CSS, HTML, SQL & database, software development, project management, software architecture, Photoshop, Illustrator, logos, business cards, brand identity and online marketing. He puts the full in full stack and works closely with our parent company to codify business process and our online systems.

Team Member Keith Page

Keith Page

Founder, CEO

Data driven and support oriented Keith leads the Green-Light.ca and RepairFactory.ca teams. Primarily in project and operations management and the chief Imagineer for the company.

  • Fire Fighter I
  • Managing Project Communication



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