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We take on a very select group of clientele, and offer full technical and systems set up and support. ALL THE BENEFITS. We have made a commitment to show up in person to our corporate clients, as well we can offer remote monitoring and support that is fast, efficient, and round the clock.




We’re here to empower your office to take better care of itself. Our monitoring solution gives us the fancy dashboards, and system alerts back to dispatch, but we also share and train key points of contact at your office with the web and mobile app so that you can see and react to your own system.

Our team will use its years of field experience to identify your core system, deploy monitoring, setup alert threshold and work with your onsite team to help them improve their situation awareness of your system’s operations. We are here to help you build up your processes and procedures so that you can be the best at what you do.




You will be flooded, You will have a fire, You will lose everything. At the end of the day your backups need to hold the line between you and great loss.

We don’t design or implement a system that doesn’t assume the failure of any part within it. Failure is not only possible, it’s probable and so how do we embrace that truth changes the process we implement. Therefore we start each client a review to understand their current process and identify what gaps exist in their current protection.




We believe that Sophos provides the best protection for all levels of your network. What does that mean? Sophos provides security for your users and all their devices, from their workstation to their mobile phone and back the servers they connect to.